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Authored Books, DVDs and Videos by Steven Harris:

Author of the book Sunshine to Dollars

Author of the book Surviving The Blackout of 2003

Author of DVD:  The Fuel Cells and ElectroChemistry Class w/ Roy McAlister

Author of DVD:  The Chemistry and Manufacture of Hydrogen w/ Roy McAlister

Author of DVD:  The Solar Hydrogen Civilization DVD with Roy McAlister

Author of DVD:  The Hydrogen Car and MultiFuel DVD with Roy McAlister

Author of Video: Bread From Gasoline

Author of the Video: The Fuels Video: Gaseous Fuels

Author of the Video: Emergency Home Power - Home & Mobile Battery Banks

Author of the Free Family Preparedness Class
Want to know what its like to have a Class with Steven Harris.  Then listen to my Free, Famous, Easy Family Preparedness Class.  I have FUN and ENGAGE the participants actively in the class, and I did this in 2003.  I'm not just giving a class, the audience IS the class.  The audience defines the class.  I've grown as an instructor and given many more classes since then.

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What I consult on and what can I do for You.

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Harris Military & DoD Consulting

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Harris Law Enforcement Consulting

Steven Harris Family Preparedness Consulting for your Home:
Harris Family and Individual Consulting

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Steven Harris on Email  ( Email me at  h2fuel (at) mail (dot) com )

"Radio" Show Interviews with Steven Harris
Do you REALLY want to KNOW what Steven Harris is all about ??
My enthusiasm and passion for what I do really comes through in these radio interviews.  It truly LOVE what I do in the energy field and helping others.  I get questions from the right and the left on all energy subjects and I answer them all.

A list of all of my FREE classes I have available are all now listed at   This is the place to start.

I always put my latest Radio Show Interview Show Notes and Links at:
I have been on The Survival Podcast (TSP) with Jack Spirko 16 times.   That's over 90,000 people listening to my each appearance.  All 15 of my shows can be found at this link.  If you really want to know what I am all about, if you want to know the passion and the life long depth of knowledge I bring to a subject, then listen to my appearances on TSP.  Start with the shows at the top of the page.

For two of my TSP shows I did a video that went along with the shows.   These were the shows on making a Home and Mobile Battery Bank for power in a disaster.   There are 2 parts to the show.   There are 3 videos that go along with the show.   These 2 shows and the video that goes along with it can be found at   The videos are in HD and are instantly available to view online as well as for download directly to your computer.   I wrote, produced, shot, edited every single aspect of the 4.5 hours of video on battery banks.  

I have an entire First Aid Class at
I have an entire Radio and Communications class at
I have general Preparedness items at

Self Reliance Expo Speaker in 2013
April 26th & 27th I will be a speaker at the Self Reliance Expo in Arlington Texas
   10,000 to 15,000 people are expected to attend.
- October 4th & 5th I will be a speaker at the Self Reliance Expo in Arlington Texas
   15,000 to 20,000 people are expected to attend.

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Hydrogen Promotion and Advocacy Website: (NOT what you think).

Family Preparedness and Civil Defense Websites:  <-- All sites listed and updated here.

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