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People ask me when did I get interested in energy, my answer is, "2nd Grade."   Throughout my entire life and career at Chrysler and through the founding and management of Knowledge Publications, I live, eat and breath Energy.  Energy is a life long passion of mine.

Much of my expertise revolves around Hydrogen and the production of hydrogen, its storage, especially its use, its history, it future and its real possibilities.  I have extensive knowledge of the generation of hydrogen from solar energy (and I don't mean kindergarten solar photovoltaic panels and electrolysis).  Real solar energy is high temperature solar thermal energy and real hydrogen production is done chemically.  This is the messy chemistry everyone else wants to avoid but I know to be the real path to energy production. 

Because one of the best producers of hydrogen is mother nature I have an extreme knowledge and hands on fundamentals of the gasification of organic material to create a hydrogen dominated production gas.  I hold and can demonstrate break through technology in the production of very clean flammable gas from an advanced biomass gasification process.  Its many times smaller and faster than current gasification methods.  I publish EVERY significant book on the subject of traditional gasification right now at  Videos of the resultant production can be viewed on my youtube channel.

Being a researcher and founder in the energy business I have seen many businesses come and fail.  Crash and burn in flames in the theme of most businesses trying to get into the energy business.  Especially most solar business attempts have been nothing but the manufacture a gravestone of their failure, sitting abandoned in the desert.  I know what makes a business succeed and I know the philosophy and where the mines are in the mine field that makes an energy business fail.

My most recent and most successful consulting has been to the fields of investors who want to invest in the upcoming birth of energy technology companies.  However the investors have a hard time really distinguishing from kooks and the nuts with magnets and tin foil on their heads and the real repressed geniuses who have valid technology that can be economically successful.   More likely I find companies with a kernel of valid technology that will work but a royally screwed up business philosophy and method that is a sure path to destruction. 

I identify and detail the validity or non-validity of technology to be invested in.  Has it been done before, by whom, why did it succeed or fail, is this a new technology, what are the pit falls and the path to its successful implementation.  What should the business be doing for the proper development, prototyping, testing, pre-production and production and sales an licensing of the technology.  I give a very clear vision of the path ahead to the investors before they put their money into the company. 

If you want to know if a technology or a company is a wise move for your investment, or if you should be running as fast as you can in the other direction, my consulting will clear the clouds and give you an excellent picture of what you can and would want to do.   If you don't know me, then know that I am very well known for my direct speaking and not holding back on a subject.  When I speak and advise, its very clear.  You will get the unvarnished truth.

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